A harp that sings the poetry of wood, playing the charm of Okinawa.

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  • Nursery rhyme-like sound

    Pentatonic sounds are very pleasant to listen to because they do not become muddy no matter how they are layered, and since I am playing children's songs, I am looking for songs that can be played and that will suit this relaxed instrument.

    Mr. Tanaka

  • The sound spreads

    The sound seems to spread out easily, and the tones that flow through it have an exciting quality to them.

    Shiho (Kanagawa Prefecture)

  • A lifetime partner

    Thank you so much for giving me such a lovely instrument with such a lovely and gentle tone. It will be my lifelong partner. I want to always be gentle because my feelings seem to come out in the sound.

    Mr. Ishii (Tokyo)

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