Collection: Ayahaberu 9-string starter kit

This is a popular starter kit. You can start enjoying the harp from the day it arrives. It comes with an electronic tuner and contact microphone, which are necessary for tuning, and a collection of songs, so it's a better deal than buying each item separately.

If you want to try playing the harp! If you want to start right away! This is perfect for you. It also makes a great gift that will touch your heart. It comes with a contact microphone, making it easy to use.

■Okinawa Harp Ayahaberu 9-string body

■ L-type tuner: a special instrument for tuning

■ Electronic tuner... Easy to use for harps

■Contact microphone: By connecting the tuner to the instrument, tuning becomes easier! ■Paper case: A convenient case for carrying and storing

■Song collection...'The Little Harp and Singing Seasonal Songs' by Chibana Yoko. Full of fun, easy-to-play seasonal songs and fun hints!

■Booklet with warranty: "The Story of the Harp" - A handbook that includes information on tuning, how to make sound, and daily maintenance.