Collection: Teruru

"Teruru" is a harp made with the utmost skill at Teruru Shi's woodworking workshop, named after the workshop itself.

Teruru Shi's woodworking studio is the only one in the world that makes archtop harps.

The plump, rounded shape of each instrument is carefully crafted by hand using selected materials. The tone of each instrument has been described as "beautiful, like a singing song."

For advanced players and those who pursue sound.

This is positioned as a top-of-the-line model, and we recommend it with confidence.

Comes with a special wooden case and an L-shaped tuner. Teruru 41-string chromatic, Teruru Uta's original steel strings. Range: e" - C soprano. Size: 540 x 470 x 50 (including pins). Weight: approx. 3kg. Material: Body: mulberry wood from Okinawa. Sound board: North American spruce. Finish: genuine urushi lacquer finish. Sound board: natural, hand polished. Accessories: special wooden case, tuner.