The Story of Strings

All of the harps made by Teruru Shi's woodworking studio have original strings.

The strings are the first thing the player touches and encounters the instrument, making them an important part of the instrument.

The player conveys and expresses various feelings through the strings.

To bring out the best sound from an instrument, we determine the appropriate wire material and thickness to suit each instrument and sound.

The bass section produces sound by wrapping a thin wire around it several times.

Until the string is completed

Since I started making harps

It was my dream to create strings that would fit my instrument.

Just ordering commercially available strings simply did not produce the sound I wanted.

In 2007, he developed his own string winding machine.

I finished Altriar.

After that, he was invited by the German Salem workshop.

I was trained in string making.

In 2019, we built a new string making machine.

We have incorporated our own unique ingenuity into the creation of these strings.

Each harp is strung with original strings that are handmade one by one.

The moment the strings are made, stretched, and sound comes out is the moment the instrument is born.

We would like to share this excitement with everyone and continue our quest for sound.

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