Our Story

We are a workshop that makes harps in Okinawa. We made the first harp in Japan in 2002. Currently, we are the only manufacturer in Japan that makes everything from the instrument to the strings, and we deliver instruments that sing poetry out of wood.

He first encountered the harp in 2002 when he started his woodworking studio, and has since continued to make his own unique harps as a pioneer of Japanese-made harps.

"Teruru" is an old Ryukyu word that means a sacred song (a song of gratitude and prayer).

It is also our hope that it will become an instrument that "sings poetry from wood."

We create our products with care, facing each piece of wood with its own unique character and checking every step of the process with our own hands.

Unlike industrial production, we cannot produce many per year, but we value making them carefully and without cutting corners. We hope that playing music will bring smiles to you and those around you. We hope that the harp we made will become a treasured instrument for you, and that you will play it for a long time.

Teruru's Woodworking Studio

Teruyuki Takara and Noriko