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Ayahaberu 9-string Okinawan wood "Mulberry" Builders' Select

Ayahaberu 9-string Okinawan wood "Mulberry" Builders' Select

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Small pentatonic lyre, Ayahaberu 9-string Okinawan wood

It is made from precious Okinawan wood.

It's compact but has a great sound.

Recommended for first time harps.

Pentatonic/Steel string/9 string

Range: a'-g'-e'-d'-baged

Size: 320*210mm

Weight: Approx. 700g

Material: Okinawa mulberry wood

Accessories: L-shaped tuner, booklet with guidelines "The Story of the Harp",

Paper case

All of the strings are original, handmade pieces made at Teruru Uta's woodworking studio.

Series: Builder's select

Builder Teruyuki Takara fell in love with this rare wood and has been leaving it for over 10 years to release this lyre as a Builder's Select. Teruru Uta Woodworking Studio is a one-stop manufacturer that builds musical instruments from a single piece of wood. *Build means to build or construct. The number of Ayahaberu 9-string lyres produced is limited. For those who want to find their own original lyre.

*About the "Mulberry" tree. Mulberry has beautiful grain, is hard and durable, and has very little warping, so it was used in Edo joinery. When it is freshly sawn, it is a beautiful yellow color, but after it is made into a work, it turns a deep brown over time. In ancient Japan, "Mulberry" was used to make the koto. It has a clear and beautiful sound even when carved or struck. The parts of the instruments made by Teruru Uta's woodworking studio that come into direct contact with the strings, such as the bridge and saddle, are made from mulberry wood, taking advantage of the good resonance of the sound. In a certain area of ​​Okinawa, there is a naming ceremony when a baby is born. A bow is made from a mulberry twig, and the baby is named while it is being played. Since the baby is defenseless until it is named, it is protected not by the lethal power of the bow, but by the power of sound, and during this time the baby is named.

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