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Teruru 41 strings, mulberry x spruce

Teruru 41 strings, mulberry x spruce

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"Teruru" is a harp made with the utmost skill at Teruru Shi's woodworking workshop, named after the workshop itself.

Teruru Shi's woodworking studio is the only one in the world that makes archtop harps.

The plump, rounded shape of each instrument is carefully crafted by hand using selected materials. The tone of each instrument has been described as "beautiful, like a singing song."

For advanced players and those who pursue sound.

This is considered the workshop's highest-end model and we recommend it with confidence.

*This instrument uses lacquer, a natural paint. Lacquer has long been used on tableware, crafts, and instruments, but people with lacquer allergies, people who have previously had a rash from lacquer products or plants of the Anacardiaceae family, and people with sensitive skin may rarely experience a rash. Please be careful.

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