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Starter Kit Ayahaberu 9 String

Starter Kit Ayahaberu 9 String

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A popular starter kit. You can enjoy playing the harp from the day it arrives. It comes with an electronic tuner and contact microphone, which are necessary for tuning, and a collection of songs, so it is more economical than buying them individually. It is perfect for those who want to play the harp! Want to start right away! It is also a great gift that will touch your heart. ♪ It comes with a contact microphone, making it easier to use. ■ Okinawa Harp Ayahaberu 9-string body ■ L-shaped tuning device: A dedicated tool for tuning ■ Electronic tuner: A type that is easy to use with harps New!! ■ Contact microphone: By connecting the tuner to the instrument, it becomes easier to tune! ■ Paper case: A case that is convenient for carrying and storing ■ Collection of songs: "Singing seasonal songs with a small harp" by Yoko Chibana. It is full of fun and fun tips for playing seasonal songs that you can play immediately! ■ Booklet with warranty "The Story of the Harp": A handbook that summarizes tuning, how to make sounds, daily maintenance, etc.

You can choose your favorite pine or cedar tree.

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