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Pentatonic Lyre Kotonoha 9-string Soshiki

Pentatonic Lyre Kotonoha 9-string Soshiki

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This tree has a romantic name, "tree of love." In spring, it blooms with cute yellow flowers like mimosa. It is made of sturdy wood with a deep color. When made into musical instruments, it produces a simple wooden sound. It is a precious wood with only a few instruments made per year because the wood is very hard and difficult to process. It is also carefully finished using the "surigushi" technique used in crafts. The polished wood surface feels smooth and comfortable in the hand.

*This instrument uses lacquer, a natural paint. Lacquer has long been used on tableware, crafts, and instruments, but people with lacquer allergies, people who have previously had a rash from lacquer products or plants of the Anacardiaceae family, and people with sensitive skin may rarely experience a rash. Please be careful.

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